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Promoting business and cross investment between USMCA and the European Union

Targeted local networking

Strategic synergies

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Local business model development

We strive to promote business and cross investment between USMCA and the European Union, in particular between Mexico and Portugal. With a multidisciplinary team experienced in financial and legal consulting, market soft landing, joint ventures and foreign direct investment, we provide a one stop shop for companies and institutions looking to turn their business international.


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José Vieira Lima

Former Mercedes-Benz CEO for Latin America. Reputed entrepreneur and specialist in areas such as development and execution of business models, corporate culture and leadership. He is a board member of several large Mexican companies in industries such as: Automotive, Renewable Energy, Logistics and Mobility.

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Isabel Santos

Portuguese entrepreneur and business owner in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable architecture. Isabel is one of the main promoters of cultural and economical interchanges between Mexico and Portugal.

Foundation support

PBC started activities in 2013, aimed at supporting investment in Mexico by Portuguese companies. In addition to the aforementioned founders, the PBC has had in its project genesis the participation of other entities: Ecochoice México, Aicep - Portugal Global, Portuguese Embassy in Mexico and Portuguese banking, as well as incentive of Mexican institutions, highlighting the Embassy of Mexico in Portugal.

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+52 55 52026756

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